WHY 3inONE solar PVT system?

The Three-In-One solar system basically generates heat and electricity avoiding direct CO2 emissions.

While photovoltaic cells typically achieve an electrical efficiency of 15% to 20%, the largest share (65% to 70%) of the solar spectrum is converted into heat, leading to an increase in the temperature of the PV modules.

The Three-In-One solar energy system is designed to cool the cells by transferring heat from PV cells to a liquid and air, thereby increasing their efficiency.

Most photovoltaic cells (eg silicon-based) suffer from a decrease in efficiency with increasing cell temperatures.

Increasing cell temperature reduces efficiency by 0.2-0.5% for each Kelvin. Therefore, removing heat from PV cells can lower their temperature and thus increase the efficiency of the cells.

By combining solar electricity, hot liquid and hot air , this excess heat is made useful and can be used with; apart from generating electricity, for example, as a heat source for heating liquid; such as solar assisted heat pumps as well as for agricultural product drying or zone heating by supplying hot air. Thus, the Three-In-One solar power system makes much better use of the solar spectrum.


PVT hot air section : space heating systems, agricultural processes (e.g. drying crops);

PVT liquid section: Space heating (domestic, industrial), water heating systems, water desalination, space cooling, food processing systems.


PVT electricity section: To let work above systems where electricity needed such as blowing fan,circulating pump,and your other electrical devices.

Business Opportunity

Investment in Solar are growing in the Netherlands.

We would like to take part in this sector by introducing our new model 

'' 3inOne''.

If interested as an investor, installer or re-seller, please feel free to contact us.

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